Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mississippi Mud Brownies... sort of

Yeah, these didn't turn out so hot.

For the superbowl, I decided to make a gluten-free dessert. I found a recipe online for gluten-free Mississippi Mud Brownies at Hey, That Tastes Good. The picture on that blog looked really good. I don't know what happened to mine. But I share with you nonetheless.

Even though they look strange, these brownies did taste pretty good. The bottom layer is gluten-free brownie. Then there is a layer of melted marshmallow. Then nuts. Then melted dark chocolate. The dark chocolate/marshmallow portion didn't really stick very well to the brownie layer, which was what made the brownies look really bad. They were falling apart! Also, the marshmallow layer was super sticky and gooey, while the dark chocolate layer had hardened up. You needed a knife and fork to eat this dessert!

Everyone who ate them liked them (or so I think...). I thought they still tasted good. I mean, chocolate = good, no matter what. I'm not sure what to do differently next time, but I think there won't be a next time. This recipe just didn't work out for me so I'll stick to other desserts that I can make, or I'll make my brownies the Betty Crocker gluten-free way.

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