Friday, March 18, 2011

Mexican Wedding Cookies

I have a friend who is getting married this summer and her birthday was last month. So I decided to make her Mexican Wedding Cookies as part of her gift. I saw this recipe online (don't know how I found it) and thought the cookies looked good, but they are not gluten-free so I knew I wouldn't make them for us. But for my engaged friend - how appropriate!

Of course, I have no idea if she received the cookies or not. She may have but I also don't know if they were still good. I mailed them a week before her birthday and by her birth date, she had still not received them. Thanks a lot USPS.

Anyway, I tasted one of the cookies and it was good. Kind of nutty and there is powdered sugar on top so they are also sweet. I'm a fan, so hopefully you will be, too. You can find the directions at Pati's Mexican Table. Good luck! Don't mail them USPS, though.


  1. Wow! That sucks. I've made those before. They also go by the name Russian Tea Cakes.

  2. If they were packaged up well they should have lasted longer than one week. Were they in an airtight container? I think they should last at least a month. I'm sure your friend appreciated the thought! :) I have tons of cookie recipes. None are gluten free. :(

  3. Divine Mrs D - I think I made Russian Tea Cakes for a girl scouts thing once. I really didn't like them, but this time around I did! lol

    Shel - They were wrapped in plastic wrap and then put in a plastic container. So hopefully all was well! lol