Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Easter!

I broke out the Easter decorations already. We don't have much - some stuffed animals (including a stuffed Peep) and Easter baskets and Easter grass and plastic eggs. I really wanted a wreath to hang on our front door and I found a great one at Target in the $1 section. It was actually $2.50 but it was worth it.

I had actually kind of wanted to make a wreath like this myself, but when I saw this one at Target, I knew I would never be able to make my own egg wreath for $2.50. So I bought the pre-made one! Keep in mind, I have two Targets in the area and only one of them was carrying this wreath in the $1 section. The other Target either hadn't put out its cheap Easter stuff yet or just wasn't carrying them. So if you can't find this at your Target, try another Target. 

What kind of Easter decorations do you have?


  1. I just bought a cute, giant, glittery pink easter egg that says Happy Easter that is hanging on my front door. I saw this wreath at my Target too.

  2. We have almost no decorations for any holiday. Oh well. I plan on making enough baked goods to deck out our house :-D