Thursday, March 3, 2011

CSN Stores Review - Waffle Maker

When my husband moved into his first place, his friends gave him a Cuisinart waffle maker. Now that's a good brand and we thought the waffle maker would be good, too. But when it said it was non-stick, it didn't really mean that (see picture to the right). Nor was it easy to clean and the waffle batter oozed out the sides and all over the counter—or the plate, which we eventually put underneath the waffle maker whenever we used it. A few weeks ago I wanted to make gluten-free waffles, so I pulled out our Cuisinart. I opened it up and it still had gluten waffle crumbs in it that were impossible to get out, so I knew from the get-go that my husband could never use this waffle maker because of cross-contamination. Sadness.

But then CSN Stores offered me a chance to review a product and I thought, "Let's get a second waffle maker so my husband can have waffles." So that is what I did. I went with a Proctor-Silex brand waffle maker. It makes square waffles instead of round ones and it also makes two at a time. So let's see how the waffles turned out on this new waffle maker, shall we?

Uhm, AWESOME. (The top waffle is a little deformed b/c I ran out of batter, but the bottom waffle is PERFECT, I swear.) The Proctor-Silex waffle maker says it is non-stick. AND IT IS. Check out the picture below to see what it looked like after making the first two waffles. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT IN THE WAFFLE MAKER. Also notice how there is no spillage. NONE. NADA. This waffle maker also cleans up nicely and folds up for easy storage. And the gluten-free batter worked just great with this waffle maker.
I'm so glad that I got this Proctor-Silex waffle maker. I actually just dumped our Cuisinart one. I tried making regular waffles for me on it and, well, take another look at the first picture. Would you want to waste your time cleaning up after that? I don't think so. From now on we eat only gluten-free waffles in our house!


  1. Those are some nice waffles on the bottom there...

  2. I'll have to look at what brand I have, but mine is 13 years old and it's fabulous!! I'll keep you informed. LOL

  3. Gluten free - sounds good!!
    But...I'm ready with the honey and yogurt to put on top!

  4. We had a Toastmaster on that was going on 12 years - worked great and made perfect round belgian waffles every time! My son dropped it though and luckily no one got hurt but the wafflemaker. I had to buy a new one and the Food Network Waffle Maker did the same as your picture with the cuisinart. I was so disappointed. Glad you found one that you liked!