Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Conversation with God for Women - Book Review

Imagine a real heart-to-heart conversation with God - all your questions for Him, and all His answers for you.

This is the premise behind A Conversation with God for Women by Marcia Ford. All the questions that women have for God are answered in this book in a conversational tone, almost as though you, God, and Jesus (along with some other Biblical folk) are sitting down together over a cup of coffee. I like the way Ford wrote this book, using scriptures from the Bible but putting them in a more modern-day voice.

However, I don't really see how this book is specifically for women. A lot of the questions could be asked by any faith seeker, male or female. Questions like "Do we have to go to church?", "Is there a purpose to life?", and "Why don't you prevent disasters from happening?" are all questions that everyone has asked from time to time. They aren't gender-specific questions. Ford tries to tie the questions and women together in short introductions to each chapter, but it's not just women who do a lot of worrying or wonder if there is a right way to pray. And I think the "What about women in ministry?" question is one that women and men both should read.

I think if you took off the for Women part of the title, you'd have a really great book of faith-based questions that could serve as an introduction for people new to the Christian faith or for people who are stumbling in their faith and need Biblical reassurance in a way that they can understand. Really, this book is for any Christian who has ever stopped to wonder, "Yeah, God. Why this?"

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  1. I read the original "Conversations with God" and was slightly disappointed. I was hoping for real, concrete answers to life's mysteries and was so sad to walk away with not a single mystery solved. Either I need to strengthen my faith or I'm lost and will never be found. :( I didn't really care for the book and don't think I'll read this next edition either. Thanks for sharing!