Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Non-Holiday Holiday Layout

I know the holidays are very over, but some of you might still be scrapping those pictures or some of you might have Valentine's Day pictures to scrap. Whatever holiday you're focusing on now, here's a tip: you don't have to use holiday-themed paper. Check out my layout to the left. This picture was taken in December, but I didn't use Christmas papers or even winter-themed papers. At the time, it would have involved me going out to the store and buying new supplies. Instead, I merely worked with what I had. I think the springy papers and embellishments create a happy-feeling layout, which is what I want to convey. How about you guys? Do you always stick to themed paper?


  1. i like themed paper but sometimes i try to mix it up--great job

  2. If I use themed paper, I like you use it in small doses as to not overwhelm the pics!