Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspiration from KariAnn

I really wanted to try to make some clean and simple layouts based on KariAnn's work. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed with adding just one more thing and then just one more thing after that. But I don't need all of that stuff! So here is a layout from KariAnn that I used as inspiration:

Super simple and easy to put together. Here is one more:

Both layouts took me maybe 20 minutes to put together. So if you have tons of pictures to get through, why not try this technique? Let KariAnn inspire you this week! There are tons more layouts on KariAnn's gallery and blog, so check them out. Share your layouts with us in the comments!

And come back on Friday for a fun snack recipe!  


  1. I love Kari Ann's designs! I knew exactly who you were talking about right away! LOL I love the lifts you did of her pages. I've lifted one of hers before too!