Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy GAL-entine's Day!

There is no official GAL-entine's Day. I just saw it in an episode of Parks and Recreation last year and thought it would be fun to recreate in real life. Essentially, it's a day in the month of February for the ladies to get together and brunch. So that's what I did yesterday morning.

I met up with my friends Lauren and Danae for brunch at a place called The Turning Point. Great views of New York. The place is right across the river from Manhattan.

It was a nice day out. Kind of cold, but very sunny. So I didn't mind the 20-something-minute walk from the train station to the restaurant. Lauren's ears sort of did, but... we were warm and inside and eating delicious food in no time.

And here is something else fun:
Outside my window: Well, it's dark outside now so I can't really see anything. There are probably deer wandering around leaving footprints in the snow.

I am thinking: about how much I enjoyed the movie Easy A. And also how cool it would be if Liz Lemon was a real person so we could talk German to each other.

We are learning: about the stuff happening in Wisconsin. Best quote: "Scott Walker for president... of Libya."

I am thankful for: WebMD, but not for making everyone completely paranoid.

From the kitchen: My husband made us hamburgers and fries tonight for dinner.

I am going: to get a massage tomorrow and eat at Panera (St. Louis Bread Co. to the cool people) using gift cards for both.

I am reading: Well, I just finished reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It was pretty good, but a little violent.

I am creating: a birthday card to have around for the next person's birthday and a scrapbook layout about GAL-entine's Day

I am hoping: that we win the lottery tonight!

I am hearing: LCD Soundsystem

Around the house: There is a laundry basket with folded clothes at my feet. I'll bring it into the bedroom eventually. I also need to find a better home for my snow and rain boots.

One of my favorite things: Chocolate chip pancakes

A few plans for the rest of the weekend: Buying milk, playing video games with my husband, chilling out, doing my nails, watching TV


  1. cute post! gal-entine's day sounds fun and i love all the "right now" tid-bits. enjoy your sunday!

  2. 1) I look like there's something wrong with me in that picture. Did the wind REALLY make me look like that?!

    2) I loved Easy A! Good movie.