Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Cardboard

So there is a picture on this blog post at The Story Matters that totally inspired me to create some embellishments. The picture is of a pillow with circles all over it. But not just any circles. Circles on top of circles. Here it is:

I really liked those circles and the way they popped off the pillow, so I decided to use some of my recycled cardboard to create embellishments.

(The dog paper is in the $1 bin at Target!)

On the Welcome Christmas layout, I used an old tree punch and punched some tree shapes out of glittery paper. Then I adhered them to the green circle with 3-D foam dots. Then I adhered the green circle to the cardboard circle. Pretty fun! 

You can do circles like this without cardboard circles. Just double up with cardstock and you're good to go! Add whatever else you'd like to the circle. Isn't it fun to create your own stuff instead of spending money? 

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  1. You are the thriftiest scrapper I know. (And that's a good thing!!) WTG on the new layouts! You keep me thinking outside the box! (literally) LOL