Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Scrappy With... Nancy!

Welcome to the first Getting Scrappy With... for 2011! This month I'm pleased to feature Nancy Doren aka starwomanten on If you want to be inspired to scrap about yourself, then get ready! Nancy frequently scraps about herself as a Design Team Coordinator with Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, an inspirational kit club that reminds scrappers it's just as important to scrap about yourself as it is to scrap about events. Each month the club focuses on an emotion with kit products that help scrappers explore what that emotion means to them. This means that many of Nancy's pages are personal—some even touch on hard topics—and I truly admire Nancy's bravery for putting her feelings down on paper (and in such a creative way) and for sharing those layouts with the scrapbooking community. She's a truly talented artist and you can find more of her work on her blog, Paperview. You can also find out more about Nancy just by reading below.

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When did you start scrapping? 

I made a "scrap" book the summer before my wedding in 2003... stuff like movie tickets, dried flowers, and photos. Then for my wedding my cousin gave me a huge box of real scrapbooking products. I didn't know there were products for scrapbooking, so I thought, "Sign me up!"

And what was it about scrapbooking that kept you doing it?

It makes me happy. I love to create. I want to remember how I felt when I was 29. [She has since celebrated her 30th birthday.] It's cathartic. It's fun!

How has your style evolved over the years? 

I used to have a grungy, artsy style, but I've noticed that my pages have gotten more linear and composed. Which I like!

Do you have a favorite technique that you use on layouts or something that you think of as your signature? 

I use the heck out of my circle punches. I love to sprinkle circles over my pages. I like to hand cut really intricate swirls. And I love to stitch. So I guess circles + handcutting + sewing = me. :)

[You can find out more about what Nancy calls "fussy" cutting, as well as some of her other scrapbooking secrets on her blog.] 

Where do you get your creative inspiration? 

Fashion magazines! I love to translate what I see in clothes onto my scrapbook layouts.

What are your favorite scrapbook manufacturers?

I love My Mind's Eye, SEI, American Crafts, Lily Bee Design, and lots more!

And where is your favorite place to scrap? 

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I scrap at home at my desk. I'm not good at crops. I never get anything done! Scrapbooking is my job, so I normally scrapbook during the day from 9:00 to 4:00. But sometimes I enjoy it so much I sneak it in during the evening, too. :)

What does your scrap area look like? 

Not cute! Decorations distract me, so my space is neat and tidy, but not very pretty. It's functional, so it works for me.

Any tips on keeping scrap supplies organized? 

Purge! I have become a better scrapbooker since I started purging every six months. I have gotten rid of so much stuff that now I know exactly what I have. And then I don't feel guilty buying new goodies.


Thanks so much for being a part of Cook Scrap Craft this week, Nancy!

Find out more about Nancy by visiting her blog and her gallery. Then come back Wednesday for Nancy's great way to scrap vacation photos!

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  1. Thanks, Laurie! All your kind words have me blushing. :)