Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Card layouts

I love getting Christmas cards in the mail and I hate to just throw them out at the end of the season. You may remember my way of recycling Christmas cards from last year. But this year I decided to try a different approach.

To the right is a picture of parts of the Christmas cards we received this year. I simply spent some time cutting out words or pictures from the cards that I thought would make great scrapbook layout accents. This is an easy and inexpensive way to get some Christmas layouts done without going to the store for supplies. I always have extra Christmas paper in my stash, so I just continue to dig into that and now I have ready-made and free embellishments thanks to the Christmas cards.

As you can see on this layout, I used a gold frame around one of my pictures. That gold frame came from a Christmas card. And so did the bell and holly embellishment below it. I used foam dots to pop that embellie out from the paper. Everything else on this layout was stuff already in my stash.

It's super easy (great for getting all those holiday pictures scrapped in no time), it saves you some money, and it recycles the cards. 

How are you recycling your Christmas cards this year? 


  1. I only save the photo cards (of which I receive around 50 or more) and I usually cut out the photos and scrap them into layouts. I'll have to find some old ones to show you, but I haven't used the cards from this year yet. I was spending all of my free time on my NON-DD. LOL I didn't follow the Ali Edwards version. I ended up making my own mini-album. LOL

  2. @Shel - I've been doing the photo cards separately, too! Those are always fun!