Friday, December 10, 2010

Time for Scrapping!

I actually found time to scrapbook during the week this week. Crazy, right? I didn't have the chance to take a picture of the layout, though, because it's always dark outside whenever I'm home during the week and I didn't want the picture to look bad. But I need to snap a photo of it soon because it's for a challenge over at the Noel Mignon blog. I'll tell you more about it when I, hopefully, blog about it here soon.

The layouts you see in this post I whipped up over the weekend. I'm almost all caught up again with my pictures, which means I need to take some more! Good thing we've got plenty of stuff going on this weekend.

"I Win!" chronicles the pulling of the wish bone from our Early Thanksgiving party. I did win the good part of the wish bone, but sort of on a technicality, which is in the journaling. See, Danae suggested microwaving the wish bone to dry it out so it would more easily break. She told me to put it on a paper towel in the microwave for three minutes. About half-way through, she looks in the microwave and goes, "I think you can take it out now." When I opened the microwave, smoke billowed out and there was a burn mark on the paper towel. LOL I had to open the kitchen window to let out the smoke, but eventually the smoke and the smell of it went away. Thank goodness our microwave didn't catch on fire, although we do have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen (NJ law). So anyway, Danae and I were getting ready to pull the wish bone but before we could get a picture of us, it broke right in our hands because it was so dry! It just so happened that the "wish" part ended up in my hand. And there you have it. I entered this layout in a sketch challenge on the Imaginisce blog.

"Boys Will Be Boys" is based on sketch 92 at The Scrappiest. It can also be used as another example of how to do the Scrap the Moments "Around the House" challenge, which is due December 13. When I attended a baby shower last month, (the baby was born on December 4 - welcome Braydon Alexander!) one of our favors was a bookmark. I decided to use the bookmark as an embellishment on the layout. It's a great way for me to use something unique on my layout and put my shower favor to good use.

I'm sure you guys have similar items just hanging around your house. Why don't you use them on a layout? Head over to the Scrap the Moments blog to see how the Design Team members (including me) interpreted the challenge. You could win a great scrapbook kit from Catch the Moments Kits.


  1. Nice. I like that you put the story on there. HA!

  2. You are amazing! I just find all of this so much fun too!

  3. LOL @ your wishbone story. My sister and I called the wishbone every year for many, many years (she's 21), but this year, my 8 year-old-son wanted a turn. How could I say no? So I let him take my place. Then afterwards my 6 year-old-daughter wanted a turn, so my sister grabbed a hunk of meat from the bird and carefully carved and shaped it to look like a wishbone. Lily didn't even notice and when she pulled on the big, hunk of meat, we all cheered and told her she got the bigger end!! LOL

    Oh, and you are all CAUGHT up with your pics? WTH? I have thousands and thousands of unscrapped pics, so feel free to scrap some of mine, girl! Or maybe you need to start taking more pics!!! :)