Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Chance!

  We hosted a little pre-Christmas dinner party at our place last weekend and I just wanted to show off our fabulous MEGA dining room table (two tables pushed together - yeah we really need to go out and buy a decent dining room set) and our Christmas decorations. I strung some lights from the fireplace mantel because we didn't get a tree this year. Yeah, I know. What's Christmas without a tree? And my parents brought me all my ornaments when they visited over the summer. But ya know, we got sort of a late start on the tree buying and the weekend we were going to get it we were really busy and wouldn't have had much time to decorate the tree nor would we have much time to enjoy it with all the running around we've got planned. So it just didn't seem like the wisest of investments. And that's okay. I've been reading many blog posts recently about how the holidays don't have to be perfect. Just let one thing go to ease your stress levels. Don't get a tree. Don't send out handmade cards. Don't make 50 desserts (desserts spelled backwards is "stressed"). Whatever it is that gets you or your family stressed out about the holidays, just don't do it this year. Sit back and lounge on the couch watching your favorite holiday movies and eating cookies that you made with the refrigerated dough. :)

This will be my last post until after the holidays. I think everyone's blogs are taking a break now. There are other more important things to get done than blogging. 

Like... scrapbooking! ha ha! But seriously, if you find some time to scrap between now and December 31, Scrap Outside the Box is giving away an iTunes gift card to one lucky winner who uses cupcake liners on her layout. An iTunes gift card is pretty sweet! So link up your layouts to the challenge post! It's gotta be easier than baking cupcakes right now, right?


  1. I hope your holidays are wonderful! Enjoy your time with family!!

  2. I agree with not having to have the holidays perfect, too stressful!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!