Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspiration from Katie!

Are you guys ready to be inspired? If you're like me, you probably looked at Katie's work and went, "That is way too out of the box for me." But it doesn't have to be! You don't have to make your scrapbook pages look exactly like Katie's if that's not your thing. But you can still get great ideas from her while keeping your own style intact.

First off, change up your photos. Katie posted a tutorial on her blog about how to get your photos to have a cool, Polaroid-esque vintage look to them. I am personally obsessed with pictures that look like this and had been searching for a way to Polaroid up my pictures without the need for buying an iPhone and then the appropriate iPhone app. I also didn't want to have to download anything to my computer, as with (which may still only be for Macs), but Katie introduced me to something super awesome and free.

Katie uses,, and photo editing software like Photoshop to alter her photos and create cool-looking vintage vibes. You can follow Katie's tutorial or, if you are like me and don't have decent photo editing software (which is crucial in keeping your picture high-res) you can do what I did and only use Picnik. I went to the "Create" tab and under "Effects" played with the "1960s" feature. It'll give your picture a vintage tint. Apply the feature and then use the "Vignette" feature as instructed by Katie to add the black shaded border. Apply that feature, save and print your revamped high-res photo! It's that easy. (For the holidays, you can also add Santa beards to people in your picture. Fun!)

Here is my final creation with revamped pictures thanks to Picnik. You can see the black shading around the edges. Make the shading as dark or as light as you want.

Second, I let this layout from Katie....

click here to view on Katie's gallery

...inspired me to create this:

Can you see it? It's not exactly the same, but I liked the shape at the top of Katie's layout, so I used a chipboard shape at the top of mine. I also wanted to have something within my shape, so I chose to put my picture there. It's still my style, but it's inspired by something that you wouldn't normally see in my oeuvre. So how are you going to let Katie inspire you today? Link up your work because Katie and I would love to see it!

You can find more of Katie's work on her blog and her gallery. Come back Friday for some decadent dessert!


  1. thanks for the info and sharing !might try that!

  2. Do you have Picasa? It's free from Google. It has features that allow you to Polaroid-ize your pics! LOL

  3. I love! It's FREE and that's the best part! :) Cute layouts.

  4. Nice use of Picnik and thanks for sharing! The Picnik team loves to hear how people are using the features.

    Also @Shel - Picasa and Picnik are both part of Google and Picnik is integrated right into Picasa!

    Team Picnik

  5. I've loved using Picnik, and it's pretty cheap to try out the premium features for a month.