Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

So I didn't make Thanksgiving cards this year. But I did make Halloween cards for next year. So... yeah.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! And if you find that you just can't eat any more leftover turkey, might I tempt you to try this delicious recipe from the blog Feeding Four? This is called Cheesy Mexican Skillet and it is truly delicious. Pasta, meat, cream cheese, sour cream, salsa. All mixed together. It's awesome and really easy to make, especially on a weeknight. My husband really liked it, so I was glad about that because sometimes I try new recipes and then I feel bad if he's eating it just because he's hungry and not because it's delicious. :/ Not the case with this dish! I'm putting it into our recipe rotation!

I think that if you took the pasta out of the equation, you'd have a really thick and delicious chip dip—think Tostitos or Fritos scoops. Yum! I told my husband that and all he said was, "Pastaaaaa!!!" so I guess we'll just be keeping it as a main dish around here.

Happy Thanksgiving again and if you haven't already, go enter my giveaway for $40 to CSN Stores!

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