Friday, October 1, 2010

Not a lot of ado about nothing...

So last night I asked God to give me a little hint as to what direction I should be going with my life. I said, "I don't need to know all the details—just a hint. Show it to me in a dream."

And here's what I got:
The company I work for was involved in some brouhaha with another company (it seemed like my company was the whistleblower on the other company) and it ended up being made into a TV movie. Guess who starred in this TV movie? TOM HANKS. For some reason, Tom was dressed like it was the '80s and he talked in an accent that no one in my office talks with. So I'm not really sure who Tom was supposed to be. But anyway... At one point Tom goes, "Well, we have the interview already..." and two other guys go, "Yeah." This interaction takes place outside at night by Tom's car b/c the three guys are staking out the owner of the other company's house. Meanwhile, I'm in a radio station with no roof that is located in the middle of the woods and I'm on the phone with Loretta Lynn interviewing her for a magazine article I'm writing. Loretta is getting kind of snippy with me, but she's seriously the worst interview EVER. And then somehow everything turned into an action movie starring Keira Knightley as a bad guy (true to life), complete with sweeping camera shots. People are shooting arrows from on top of a cliff and then another girl jumps off the cliff, lands on the ground where the enemy is, and starts fighting Keira Knightley using arrows as swords.

The End.

What the what??? Does anyone know how to interpret dreams? (I think I have a dream dictionary somewhere.) Am I missing some important message or was this dream literally just a mish of mash?

(Happy October, btw! I made pumpkin bars and gluten-free Reese's Pieces peanut butter cookies last night. More on those later!)

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  1. Ha! Sorry. I am not a dream interpreter. Pumpkin bars sound good :)