Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiration from Cassy

I love perusing the gallery for inspiration, and I especially love checking out the galleries of my favorite scrapbookers to see what products and techniques they're using. I've been scraplifting Cassy since 2008.

(click here to see these layouts in Cassy's gallery)

And this was my take:

I loved how Cassy did her layouts with all the squares and rectangles. Those are my favorite shapes to use in scrapping. I also liked that this layout gives you the chance to use multiple photos on one 12x12 piece of cardstock. So if you've got a ton of photos but don't want to make 50 scrapbook pages, crop the pictures down to simple squares and rectangles, line 'em up, and throw down some colorful strips of paper for pizazz. So easy! 
Cassy also got me to do some doodling on a recent layout. Here's Cassy's original, which you saw on Monday:
Click here to see this on Cassy's gallery
 And here's how I interpreted the layout:
First off, it's very rare that I use white as a background. Second, I usually never doodle, but on this layout I doodled a swirly border. Isn't it fun seeing how other scrappers can break you out of your comfort zone? Check out Cassy's gallery and her blog for more inspiration and come back here on Friday for a yummy new recipe!


  1. Hi Again!!
    You went to San Fran on your honeymoon last year...well I went to San Fran on my honeymoon almost 32 years ago!! Isn't that neat!?!
    PS Love your take on the above!!

  2. I love your doodles and lifts! Great job!

  3. I LOVE the picture of you and Mike. (you are the cutest couple ever) And the butterfly paper is so neat too. (it coordinates with your dress.) The doodles are great. I learn alot by checking your blog. Love MOM

  4. Laurie - Get out your crockpot! It's the greatest invention in cooking history and saves so much time!!! I use it at least three times a month! I have so many crockpot-slow cooker recipes I can share with you!!