Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changing the World One Sequin at a Time

The title of this blog post comes from a Lady Gaga quote. And the inspiration for this blog post comes from Scrap Outside the Box, which has challenged its readers this month to use, you guessed it, SEQUINS.

To me, sequins remind me of dance recital costumes, and there are some of those costumes that I'd just rather not relive. (Neon green plastic visor with matching neon green and black spandex body suit? Why would anyone put poor pre-pubescent girls in something so unflattering?) But the sparkle of sequins also reminded me of clubs (of which I know so much, yeah right) - girls' always wear sparkly tops and shimmery eye makeup. So I used that idea and put it on a layout of how I spend my Friday nights. No, not going out clubbin'. (Do the kids still call it that?) Rather, my Friday nights are spent in my pajamas folding laundry while watching The Two Towers and Dateline. Boy am I glad my husband took this picture of me this past Friday night. (He was amused that I had wrapped myself up in a blanket. It was cold!!)

Party Girl; Recollections solid cardstock, American Crafts Everyday collection papers, American Crafts Niki Riki glitter thicker letters; random sequins

And I must also apologize for going MIA last week. I've been trying to post every two days or so, but because I went on vacation, there wasn't a whole lot of anything crafty, cook-y, or scrappy to post. I also ran out of photo paper so I couldn't print any pictures. And my scrap area was getting a revamp. Thanks to my husband getting a new job, we were able to buy me a new chair and larger desk. Behold:

Props to the hubs for putting all of this together for me so that I could come in and make a complete mess. Look at all this space I have to be messy and creative now! Lovin' it! Alright, back to working on my cruise album. It's hard to believe I am so caught up on my pictures that I can actually scrap a recent event! What are you guys working on right now?


  1. cute layout! thanks for playing with sotb!

  2. okay that is so cool how you did the sequins. Thanks for playing with sotb!!!