Saturday, July 31, 2010


According to our chore chart, (yes, we have a chore chart) I should be cleaning out the fridge right now but instead I am posting, scrapbooking, and debating whether or not I should sit on the deck and read my book because it's in the mid-70s right now.

So I made this scrapbook page for my Book of Me a few weeks ago. It was also for my application to be on the All About Me challenge blog design team. While I didn't make the design team, I did have fun creating this layout. I got the inspiration from magazines that interview celebs and show what's in their purses and it's usually, like, "Oh here is my iPhone and this $40 container of lip balm and I always have to have my $100 gold hoop earrings with me and this vial of the perfume that I (the perfume company) created and oh, some Orbitz gum." AmIright?

"My Purse"; Recollections solid cardstock, American Crafts patterned paper, American Crafts chipboard and sticker embellishments, $1 bin glitter letters from Target, random ribbon, random sticker numbers

So okay. (Does anyone else think Kathy Griffin overuses "so okay" in her stand-up?) I took this picture in the bathroom at work during my lunch break. It had decent lighting. Instead of getting all fancy and using a photo editing program to add numbers to my picture, I just used sticker numbers to number each item.

So what's in my purse?
1. My various pills - like an old lady
2. business cards
3. bus tickets
4. iPod in Paul Frank case
5. phone - never on
6. car/house keys
7. wallet
8. book - get lots of reading done on my commute (That week I was reading "Tell All" by Chuck Palahniuk - not one of his best)
9. planner
10. chapstick and tweezers
11. hand sanitizer - must-have in NY
12. lady stuff - I'm not ashamed to share with the world
13. hair clips for my many bad hair days. Seriously. Hate. Humidity. And. Rain.
14. band-aid for blisters on my feet from certain shoes

So okay... (Kathy?) What's in your purse?

p.s. My husband got a job! :)


  1. Woohoo!!! When's the board meeting again?

  2. I LOVE the layout!! It's a great idea!! And it looks awesome too!