Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I've talked about my love of American Crafts Thickers letter stickers before and now there is a Thickers giveaway over at Red Oak Lines. Do you know how awesome it would be if I won? Thickers are kind of expensive and I actually was going to buy a pack the other weekend at Michael's but I put it back. I just couldn't justify it (and I found something else that was cheaper to title the layout I was working on). So, if you're interested in winning some Thickers, too, (though why would you want to enter to win when you so obviously want me to win, right?), head on over to Red Oak Lines to find out what to do (it's super easy). You have until June 10 at 11:59.

And if you're wondering what my new kitchen looks like...

I really dig that little desk and our dishwasher. I'm a little torn on the flattop stove. It's cool but it's hard to keep the pots and pans from moving. At some point in the future, I'd like to replace the countertops and cabinets. They are a little 1977 for me (the year this place was built) and for a better resale value, I think having more modern fixtures in the kitchen would be good. But for now, we're keeping it as is.

Also, good news: we got a refund check from my husband's old mortgage! We weren't expecting it so it's very nice to have! Ich weiß, dass Gott wird für uns in diesen rauen Zeiten bieten. (Used Google translator for that one... just felt like writing something auf Deutsch.)


  1. Love the opportunity to always win something and it's true you just never know. The one thing I've noticed is don't be wary how many followers they have, just enter. So many times hardly anyone enters because they are fearful they won't stand a chance. Here's hoping you truly win!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. You could do so much with that kitchen.. Good luck we finished our Kitchen renos over a year ago lots of work.. but so glad we did it...
    PS... thanks for your comments on my blog means a lot....