Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nothing Like Peace and Quiet

... and then the hot water heater starts going crazy, but that's okay.

Guess where we ate dinner tonight? Oh yes. The deck. On our new under-$100 patio set.

It came with an umbrella but we need an umbrella stand to keep the umbrella from blowing over. Thankfully, there is Home Depot and Home Depot gift cards, so the umbrella stand is in the mail.

No scrap/craft stuff tonight (you'll get that later in the week), but wanted to share a picture from my weekend. This is me with members of my old growth group outside of Cafeteria. We ate dinner there with a few other folks for Lindsay's (girl in the center) BRB Party. She's moving out of New York, but instead of having a going away party, she had a Be Right Back party. Hopefully she'll find herself back in the city again someday.

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