Sunday, June 27, 2010

Night Cheese?

This is the kind of thing I find when I'm Googling Liz Lemon to see if any of my blog mentions of the character pop up. (They don't.) With all the eating Liz does on the show, shouldn't she be obese? Or at least gain a frickin' pound or two.


On a beautiful day I... stayed in and scrapbooked. Hey, I'm behind so I gotta try and catch up. I broke down and bought a Disney-themed paper pack so that I could do my Disneyland honeymoon pictures. Here's one page based on sketch 6.24 over at Sketchy Thursdays. The castle at Disneyland just doesn't hold a candle to the one at Disney World. Although I will say, Space Mountain at Disneyland - WAY awesome. The last time I rode Space Mountain I was at Disney World and I felt like they had turned more lights on or something. The ride at Disneyland, however, was so dark and so fast and so twisty. It was awesome! No Carousel of Progress, though, so... Disney World for the win!

What are some of your favorite Disney rides?


  1. I'm pretty sure I remember the Carousel of Progress! My favorite ride at all the Disneys is the Haunted Mansion. First time I rode it was at Tokyo Disney, but I like it better in English. I know what's going on then. lol :)

  2. Lovely layout! I'd love to visit Disney Land- I've been to Disney World a couple of times, but really want to THE LAND!
    Thanks fo playing along with us at AAM!

  3. Another Disney fan here. Love space mountain : )
    Great LO. Thanks for playing xx

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! LOVING the photos and loving all the Disney goodies!! Thanks soooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)