Monday, June 28, 2010

My parents are coming! Hopefully the oil is not!

In honor of my parents' arrival later this week, here is a layout I did of when I went home for Easter.

"2 Dye 4" based on sketch 70 at The Scrappiest; Recollections solid cardstock, Jillibean Soup felt flowers, American Crafts patterned paper, random ribbon, Making Memories journaling spot, random spring duck from Sarah de Guzman

It's tradition that we dye Easter eggs and this year we got really creative with the little crayon that came with our dye kit. I drew bunnies. Dad wrote "egg" on one. It was good times.

If you're looking for more good times, check out this article over at It's all about what the Christian response should be to the oil spill. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share. I was having an email conversation with a friend the other day about the oil spill and I said that Christians of all people should be for environmentally friendly practices because God gave us the Earth and told us to take care of it. And what do we do? Spill oil into the ocean. My friend told me that some Christians believe that God will make all things new again. To which I responded, "But we could save God the time by not spilling oil into the ocean in the first place and weening our country off of its oil dependency that supports nations that harbor terrorists."

I think the author of the article agrees with me: "We must act to restore the creation the Bible says should be declaring God’s glory but is currently only telling the story of human greed, consumption and mismanagement. We must act by rethinking the way we consume resources like oil in our own lives each day. And when all is made right, we must force our lawmakers to act to make sure such an atrocity never happens again."

Just food for thought. And even if you are all anti-green, you gotta admit... oil + ocean = bad.



    Around 2:08. Here's what I was telling you about :)

  2. Here to say thanks for your comment on my blog. Made me laugh first thing this morning! They call me the hiphopopatamus, my lyric are bottomless...

  3. Love your page!! Great photos and that duck is too cute!! Thanks for joining us at The Scrappiest!