Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does Not Play Well With Incompetent People

So after waiting two days longer than we were supposed to for internet and cable, we finally got it last weekend. And then, of course, my computer keeps randomly disabling my wireless adapter and it won't connect me to the internet properly through a LAN connection. So I have to restart my computer every time this happens until it recognizes the wireless adapter again. Why does technology hate me?

Anyway, here is the first round of new house pictures.

master bedroom closet:
This is my side of the closet and below is my husband's side. He has a lot of clothes.

Second bedroom/office:

That's my husband's desk and below is mine, all set up with my scrap stuff. On our list of things to do is buy me a new and bigger desk. This cheap Target thing has been with me long enough. Oh, and get some curtains for the windows. Oh, and take down the wallpaper and paint. And replace the carpet at some point. Hopefully we win Power Ball on Saturday - $260 million.

And in my new scrap space, this is what I've been creating:

This is a page for our wedding album that is of my vows. The tag pulls out and I wrote my vows on it. This layout is based on another layout I saw and I don't have the name of the person who did it in front of me. Sorry! But thanks for the inspiration anyway. I'm trying to keep my wedding pages fairly simple because I love the pictures so much and really want them to be the main focus. I'm loving these American Crafts papers and I have actually run out so I hope that the Michael's near the mall still carries them. That Michael's is the only one around that does. *fingers crossed* Cuz I've still got probably 10 more pages to complete. Home stretch!


  1. That's beautiful!! Love the look of your new house :)

  2. Your layout is gorgeous and your dress is just stunning! I love it! I hope you're able to find more of the papers that you need! Oh and I think I have closet envy! Yours is MUCH bigger than mine is. LOL