Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Week

I fully intended on posting more this week but, alas, I did not. My Firefox was acting up, or rather not acting at all. I couldn't get it to open! Turns out, one of my add-ons was not compatible with the version of Firefox that I have so I had to delete it (in Firefox Safe Mode... didn't even know that existed! Also, sorry if this tech-speak bores any of you or confuses you). Just glad I don't have to use IE8. ;)

Earlier in the week, the townhome that my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE came back on the market. Not sure why but we're hoping it stays on the market for just a few more days because... we've had an offer on our condo! We had to do some negotiating but we found out yesterday that the buyer accepts our terms and Monday the contract goes into attorney review. It's just possible that we could be out of here and into a new place (hopefully the one we LOVE LOVE LOVE) by May.

In other news, last night I attempted to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. The museum has free admission hours on Friday nights but by the time I got up there from work, the Tim Burton exhibit was sold out. Bummer. It's on my list of things to do this year, but I don't really feel like paying full admission price to see one exhibit. So I'll just mark it down as "I tried."

I also wanted to do some scrapbooking last night but I just wasn't feeling into it. I tend to get bored with it if I don't have all the supplies that I need (paper, embellies, the right letter stickers) and then I just give up and put it all away. I did get one thing done last night for two scrapbook challenges.

Scrap Outside the Box is hosting a challenge where you have to use shopping bags on your layout. I had just gotten some free underwear from Victoria's Secret (love those coupons and that they send them to me, to my husband, to someone named Lori who they think lives at my address, to my dad back home, to someone named Lori who they think lives with my parents) and knew that I should use their cute striped bags. So I cut out a side panel of the bag, twisted the tissue paper up, and cut out a triangle from the smaller side panel to make this!

It's also for the challenge at These are a Few of My Favorite Things, which is to scrap your Favorite Friends. I thought it would be fun to scrap my new "celebrity friends".

I also have been working on this layout for a few days, cutting stuff out and sticking it on as I go along. It's the cover page to my Book of Me (BOM, as it's called in the scrapping world).

I have a picture of America Ferrera that I want to put on there but I forgot to do so before I took this picture. But just know, I also love Ugly Betty and am sad that this is its last season. Oh and I meant to put a Project Runway picture on there, too. See... it's still a work in progress.

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone! I'm off to get my haircut and then have dinner and karaoke with the girls!


  1. I am so upset Ugly betty is cancelled.

    I love your pages!! Thanks for playing along with us at SOTB!!! It means a lot to us.

    I really love the BOM page. I need to do something like that. thanks for the inspiration--:D

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  3. fun, fun layouts!!! i love how you used the vs bag (thanks for playing along with sotb) and i really love that BOM's cute...i love collage style layouts....but i'm so terrible at them... :)

  4. you are on a roll... look at those STUNNING layouts. so artistic and so full of creativity! :)

    thanks so much for sharing those laurie!

    hope you are well.