Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things you can do with a tortilla

Or in our case, things you can do with a CORN tortilla because those are gluten-free. Flour tortillas are not. We found Mission-brand corn tortillas at our regular grocery store in the same section as the flour and whole wheat tortillas.

It might seem obvious, but Mexican-inspired foods are always good. Take for instance the cheesy chicken quesadillas we made last week. Super easy and delicious.

However, there are about a bazillion corn tortillas left in our bag. What to do with them? Quesadillas again?

I'm trying to get us to eat different things every night. I feel like we now have a handful of recipes that we just keep recycling because they are fast, easy, and don't require a multitude of ingredients that we then have to go out and buy.

So to change things up this week, we used the tortillas we already had with some cooked chicken in our fridge plus some lettuce that we bought awhile ago (just peeled away the browning outer lettuce for the stuff underneath... I'm sure it was fine) and gluten-free caesar dressing, which is always on hand. Chicken caesar salad wraps, people!

We did another corn tortilla dish this week, but it was totally different than the first two. I call it the breakfast wrap: scrambled eggs, hash browns (Ore Ida's frozen country style hash browns are gluten-free), and melted shredded cheese on top (we used Monterey Jack b/c it's what we had but cheddar or American cheese would also be good). To quote Rachael Ray - YUM-O!

Obviously in that picture, the breakfast wraps aren't wrapped (corn tortillas are really hard to manipulate without tearing) but I did wrap them before I ate. For all of these, heating the tortillas beforehand makes them better.

Next up - making our own tortilla chips!

What are your favorite tortilla recipes?

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  1. mmmmmmmm you are making me hungry. :)