Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where are all the crafts?

So I know lately I've been doing mainly cooking and scrapbooking blogs. Where is all the crafty stuff, you might be wondering? I do have some projects on my list of things to do, but I just don't feel like starting them yet for a variety of reasons. First, I really have no room to hang or put anything new that I might make. Second, since my husband and I are trying to sell our place, we need to keep it looking spotless - basically as if no one were living there - so a craft project might just create all sorts of new clutter. I don't think there is a third reason, so I'll just say, if you want to see more craft projects, then pray that my husband and I can sell our current place in a decent amount of time so that we can move into a new, bigger place!!!

Speaking of things I wish I had room for - check out this gorgeous fireplace that Erin (and her hubby) over at Rare and Beautiful Treasures put together. Oh how I would love to have a fireplace and mantel!

They found the mantelpiece at a scrapyard, then repainted it. They also adhered those neat tiles themselves and added the mirror up on top. Fantastic!

Now that's a true do-it-yourself project! Have any of you undertaken anything similar? I'd love to see the results of your hard work!


  1. My husband and I reno'd our bathroom. There was water leaking into the walls behind the tub surround, so we pulled out the wall, re-did it and tiled and painted. While we were at it, we replaced the vanity top with something new. To see the picture, go to my facebook (alison krogsgaard). It will be with my most recent pictures (from Christmas).

  2. That is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it. Very artsy.