Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Living Gluten Free

Yesterday afternoon we found out that my husband's blood work tested positive for Celiac Disease and the only way to treat this disease (it's really a food allergy) is to go on a gluten-free diet for the rest of his life. That means no wheat - bread, pasta, cereal, etc. - unless it is specially made to be gluten free—for the rest of his life. So basically, all of our grocery shopping will be done at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods from now on (and in the organic aisle of Stop 'n Shop when we're in a rush) and we'll either have to make certain foods from scratch (ever heard of rice flour and xanthan gum?) or shell out a few extra dollars for pre-made gluten-free bread so that my husband can continue to have pb&j sandwiches for lunch.

Judging from this blog, I'm sure you guys have guessed that I love to cook, so costs aside, I'm kind of excited for our new venture into more organic eating. I just bought a cookbook this morning (thanks for the coupon, Borders!) called The Everything Guide to Gluten-Free Cooking. It has a bunch of recipes that seem easy to make and will allow us to eat some our favorite foods but in new and healthier ways.

We are going to a nutritionist soon for help transitioning from eating a "normal" diet to a new gluten-free diet. This is a big lifestyle change for my husband so we need all the help and guidance we can get. (Last night we had to Google if he could eat products with whey and Reese's Pieces - he can.) After two months of being on the diet, my husband has to have an endoscopy and that will tell us for sure whether or not it is Celiac Disease.

I plan on sharing some of the new recipes we make on this blog (and I'll probably have to make a scrapbook page about it!!), so wish us luck these next two months as we go gluten free for good!


  1. I've heard of rice flour...can you get it at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?

    What if you just made TONS of food for dinner and he took that for lunch? I don't know if that would save you any money...

  2. That's a good idea, but we'd probably save his food for dinner leftovers or a weekend lunch food b/c he doesn't really have access to a fridge or microwave at school. Unless he eats it all in one sitting! lol

    The nutritionist's blog had some ideas on how to make this not super expensive so when we meet with her in person, I'm sure that's something she'll go over.

  3. i knew someone who was on this diet. you get adjusted to it really fast! :)

  4. I had testing done for celiac disease, too, but thankfully nothing came of it. Good luck on your new adventure!