Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Decorating

While I wait for some goodies to bake, I thought I would share with you some of my Christmas decorations. I love the Christmas season because I love decorating for it! From the lights to the cinnamon-scented candles (seriously, go get one at Bath & Body Works!), this time of the year is just so festive and pretty.

Last year I received inspiration for a mantelpiece display/Christmas card holder from Real Simple magazine. (One of these days I will break down and subscribe.) Because we don't have a fireplace or mantel, I used the top of our entertainment center. You can see above how it looks this year. This is a really easy way to decorate because you might already own some of the pieces! And if you don't, you can go out and buy them for cheap and possibly reuse them in other ways throughout the rest of the year.

The sparkly red berry stalks I found at Michael's (they have them not sparkly, too) and they were on sale last year. Good deal!

The vases I got at Target. Actually, they are not vases; they are candle holders. I couldn't find what I wanted in the vase aisle at any store so I happened to walk down the candle aisle at Target and I saw these. The candle holder part was removable, so it was super easy for me to turn these candle holders into vases. And they were cheaper than any of the real vases.

I also got the red jingle bells at Target.

My husband and I bought the fake snow at Michael's last year to use in someone's Christmas present but we had left overs. So I broke out the bag this year and used up what was left to make a snowscape. Also, because the entertainment center is kind of big, there was still a lot of empty, open space up there, so I added two mini Christmas trees that my husband had bought for a party two years ago.

The branch in the middle of the vases was actually free. Yep, if you go outside and see what the trees have dropped, you can find a lot of cheap and crafty supplies. (This tip came from the Real Simple article, but you could also buy something at Michael's or tie twine between the vases or whatever you can think of!)

To attach the cards to the branch, I bought clothespins (took me forever to find them, too) and then hot glued Christmas tags (that I bought last year at Walmart on sale after Christmas) to make them festive and not so plain.

I would love to see pictures or read about how you are decorating for the holidays!

I think I hear the timer going off! Stay crafty!

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